The Youth Work Professional Development Certificate consists of 3 credit-based modules that learners have to choose from a pool of 5 modules. 

The modules are:

  1. Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods [YDEW 2006] 
  2. Youth and Sustainable Development [YDEW 2007]
  3. Peace, Conflict Resolution and Mediation [YDEW 3005]
  4. Youth Development work: Networks, Partnerships and Resources [YDEW 3000]
  5. Working with Youth [YDEW 3006]

This module aims at providing potential and existing youth workers on the different aspect of youth work from different economic, social, political and environmental background. The aim is to provide Youth Workers with appropriate tools in addressing the global and local challenges faced by the youth at grass root level.

This module aims at reflecting on the engagement of the youth in establishing more resilient communities, as well as analysing their involvement in the economic, social, political, environmental and technological spheres in addressing the global ecological and sustainable development challenges.